A homage to women who have overcome adversity and are positively influencing the lives of others by sharing their lessons learned. Our cover personality, Rev Dr Funke Adetuberu, is a “wounded healer” who unashamedly shares her story of how she overcame her past. 
Her tumultuous background has evolved into a purpose and ministry for her. She is passionate about helping people fulfill their God-given potential. All women, she says, must die empty. She adds that you should never use your abilities to enrich the grave, but rather to glorify God and aid humanity. 
This edition addresses many topics that will help you experience new beginnings with articles on how to be single and happy, embracing the new, the wisdom of letting go, and so much more. 

This magazine is for people who want to make the best of their setbacks, get over them, and turn their mess into a message.

This special 40+ issue of gemWOMAN is dedicated to all women above the age of who have influenced their worlds in various ways. Our cover personality is Apostle Busola Jegede, the Founder, President of Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational Fellowship for women, charged with a vision to raise women as intercessors for the family and Nations, she is the Convener, The 40+ Woman, a seasoned conference speaker, an author, an apostle, a mother and a life-coach, passionate about healing marriages and charging women to realise that there is a God given ability in every woman to travail with visions and bring forth destinies.

As the world opens up we thought to inspire you with a few featured interviews that will once more encourage you to pursue your dreams as we all awake from the slumber that COVID 19 seemed to have lulled us all into. Every article is riveting and the interview with our cover personality will awaken a desire to pursue your dreams. Zesty summer baking and tips on maximizing your time of prayer are sure to awaken your taste buds and prayer life respectively

Prayer creates the desire to know God, to understand His plans for us and deepen our relationship with Him. This edition contains articles that will reignite your prayer life and testimonies that will help increase your faith. Our cover personalities Pastors Eno and Eze Jerry also talk to us in their exclusive interview about faith and family.

Hope is a fundamental part of the Christian faith and is a choice we have to make inspite of prevailing circumstances. In this edition we are encouraged to choose hope and not despair. In this edition you will be inspired by stories and articles of hope and resilience during challenging times

Staying positive, hopeful and demonstrating a joyful countenance even in the face of adversities brought on by COVID-19 is what this edition of the magazine is hinged on. You also get up close views on sensitive issues affecting women in respect to feminism, leadership positions at work, domestic violence and rape. As well as learning to use what you have to work in your favour.

This special Fatherhood issue of gemWOMAN is dedicated to fathers; men who have influenced our lives in various ways. Our cover personality is the acclaimed gospel artiste Dunsin Oyekan who is navigating fatherhood in addition to his spiritual calling. Articles in this edition vary from; a Fatherhood feature, where we speak to young fathers about their experiences, a testimony from a Breast cancer survivor,to 3 keys to positioning yourself for a new job during the pandemic will greatly help job seekers. This edition has shone the spotlight on inspiring people who will provoke stimulating debates. Indeed this edition is a must-read!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had various voices spreading fear and people have been unsure of what exactly to believe. There is a need for a clear voice to speak with conviction, faith and love, and to state the true position of the pandemic and its relevance to the global crisis. In this special edition of the magazine we echo that clear, reaffirming voice of God as seen in the scriptures, especially as it pertains to the difficult times we’ve been experiencing globally. In addition to this, we honor the female medical personnel at the frontlines battling this pandemic.

In this edition, learn how to make smart choices in your career and life. Be inspired to make mega moves in business and think big. Find reasons to praise God in trials and Learn how to survive the storms of life. You will also learn how to forge ahead to achieve greatness. There are so many tools inside to ensure you live the life that you desire.

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